At the core of Mindworx lies a passion for forging successful connections, transforming our clients’ businesses and building careers .

Launched in 2002 as a niche consultancy providing a range of business advisory services, Mindworx has evolved into a multi-service organisation with a broad spectrum of business enhancement solutions, a human capital resource provider focused specifically on technical skills for financials services businesses and a training academy.

Our success lies in a methodology based on thoughtful service delivery targeted to the specific needs of each client. Regardless of the service, we provide support, communication and feedback from initial engagement to project close, and then beyond expectations to aftercare support. This is a measure of our focus on ensuring the success of every job.

If you are ready to connect to the most innovatively beneficial network, plug into Mindworx. We are waiting to introduce you to a new way of working, a better career, contract management plan or business strategy; a new tomorrow with your best interests our top priority.

Make the connection and join the Mindworx network. Plug in. Prosper.

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Plug in. Prosper.