At Mindworx Empowerment advisory we develop economic and social transformation strategies for our clients that contribute to business sustainability, while ensuring compliance to B-BBEE legislative requirements.

As a multi-disciplinary transformation enabler, the Mindworx Empowerment advisory team are specialists in customised B-BBEE consulting, facilitation and implementation solutions.

Firmly rooted in our conviction of being flexible, involved, thoughtful and collaborative in all our endeavours, we build meaningful relationships with our clients as we guide them on this journey of transformation.

We remain concerned with reducing B-BBEE compliance costs for our clients, leaving room in their budget for growth.

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Develop programmes that drive entrepreneurial development and support innovation creating an environment that is conducive for black businesses to grow.
Redefine productivity in the value chain by promoting the principles of supplier diversity to increase the productivity of black-owned suppliers.
Assist with identifying and sourcing products and services from previously underused suppliers with good transformation credentials.
Ownership and
Management control
Conduct targeted recruiting to attract diverse talent in relation to regional or national Economically Active Population (EAP) targets.
Determine current B-BBEE contributor status and develop a plan and strategy to improve.
Tool & dashboard software for
B-BBEE compliance
We offer tool & dashboard software for B-BBEE compliance monitoring and tracking.
Our purpose is to deliver the highest impact on your scorecard.