407, 2018

Say YES to greater BEE benefits

July 4th, 2018|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|

By Motlhago Ramoba, Empowerment Advisor at Mindworx Consulting When Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the country for the first time as president he used the words ‘Thuma Mina’ made famous by Hugh Masakela’s song of the same name. ‘Send me’, he said. When President Ramaphosa launched the Youth Employment Service (YES) network earlier this year, the words of the song resonated for us. YES aims to address socio-economic challenges faced by South Africa’s youth, particularly the dark cloud of unemployment. And it is a dark cloud even for candidates with tertiary qualifications, not least because they can’t afford the costs involved. Looking for a job is expensive, from accessing the internet, travelling to and from interviews, making follow-up calls and dressing well. Thuma Mina describes the fact that YES is intentional, a partnership between government, business, labour and civil society that is setting [...]

1406, 2018

Reconciling your business plans with your people plans – it’s never been easier

June 14th, 2018|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|

By David Reuben, Business Development Manager at Mindworx Consulting Have you heard of the fourth industrial revolution? It’s the phrase being used for the workforce of the future, where technology is blurring the lines between the physical and digital workspace. A large part of this evolution is the gig economy which is characterised by freelance, flexible and on-demand workers instead of the traditional model of full-time employment. The gig economy is increasingly making itself felt in South Africa, with both the corporate and government sectors using the right skills as and when they need them. The International Labour Organization reports that this kind of work has been on the rise in South Africa over the past ten years. For employees this may be due to the scarcity of permanent jobs in our economy; for employers it reflects the economic advantages [...]

2505, 2018

Worried about a robot taking your job? Don’t be. But you do need to hone your skills and leverage machines to make you smarter.

May 25th, 2018|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|

By Martin Pienaar, Mindworx COO Alarmists are speculating that 50% of jobs today will be gone in a decade due to smart algorithms, machine learning and robots replacing jobs. This has been the case in every revolution fuelled by technology changes, right back to the Luddites burning mill machinery that they feared would take their jobs in England in the 1800’s. It’s true that 33% of people employed in America 100 years back were in the agricultural sector, while only 2% of Americans are employed in that sector today. We had the same fears of the PC and internet revolutions that followed and yet in each of these revolutions newer jobs were created than jobs were lost. Will this revolution be different? While many jobs have disappeared in the above-mentioned waves of change, many more have been created. If one [...]

1004, 2018

When is training not just training?

April 10th, 2018|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|

Here’s a statement to conjure with: technology is no longer vertical, it’s all-pervasive. There are probably businesses in the world today that don’t use IT in some way but we can’t think of any. We live in a world that is digital, mobile, and instant – most of us can hardly function any other way. The one thing we all know about technology is that it advances all the time. Where you may have been technologically competent yesterday, you can bet that today something has changed and unless you’re frequently upskilling, you’re out of date. We all need to be able to keep up in this ever-changing environment. At Mindworx Academy we started off focusing on the readiness of graduates to enter the workplace for the first time, not just in tech skills but in basic workplace behaviour. Many of [...]

1004, 2018

Robotics: The Genie is out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back in

April 10th, 2018|Categories: blog, Uncategorized|

By Sabelo Myeni, Head of Mindworx Academy Robotics is in the workplace to stay. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is about using software with artificial intelligence (AI) and learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks such as queries, calculations and maintaining records and transactions. An emerging technology it may be, but RPA has very quickly become entrenched in the financial sector, particularly in insurance companies and banks. You have only to consider the many benefits of automating routine processes to understand why it has taken off so quickly. These benefits are far-reaching: Using a robot to automate processes eliminates human error, thus improving accuracy A robot can work 24/7, is much faster than we are and can save thousands of human hours per annum, so increasing productivity Smart chatbots improve customer service, traditionally one of the most draining human jobs in [...]

2202, 2018

Gender equity: it’s on everyone’s lips but vastly misunderstood

February 22nd, 2018|Categories: blog|

By Motlhago Ramoba, Empowerment Advisor at Mindworx Consulting The late Whitney Houston once made a hit song that still resonates with women around the world: “ I’m every woman, it’s all me”. A road-trip song, a shower anthem, but most importantly, an affirmation. Whitney knew how to speak to us through that entire phrase. But as reality has had it since the beginning of time, women have had it the hardest, especially in the workplace, and especially Black women, no matter which song resonates with our lives. It’s no secret that the gender pay gap in most countries is a wide one. Partly because of patriarchal views and partly because we hear time and again that women don’t negotiate as hard as men for the salaries they want and deserve. Is this right? No of course not. A job should [...]