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Technical Specialist will be responsible for planning, designing and building an IT infrastructure architecture at an enterprise level to meet business requirements.

Key responsibilities

  • Drive business profitability in the context of cost management through Information technology solutions.
  • Increase operational efficiency and suggest solutions to enhance cost effectiveness.
  • Advise on Budget forecasting to align the identified needs for IT Infrastructure Architecture.
  • Deliver exceptional service that exceeds customers’ expectations through proactive, innovative and appropriate solutions by resolving queries fast end effective.
  • Cultivate and manage objective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including end-users, SME’s, project managers and senior staff members by providing input to business requirements.
  • Plan, design and build an IT infrastructure architecture, usually at an enterprise level, to meet business requirements and customise application functionality as identified through the relationship with the Organisational Sources and other External sources.
  • Comply, understand and implement all steps within IT development and meet governance in terms of legislative and audit requirements during design of IT Infrastructure Architecture.
  • Draft business and technical requirements into requests for proposal documents for IT Infrastructure Architecture.
  • Ensure IT Infrastructure Architecture Performance and Upgrade Metrics are developed and used in the business.
  • Ensure system health checks process is aligned with SLA and best practices for the Business Technical Environment.
  • Support application functionality to problems analysis in existing infrastructure architecture by staying abreast with latest technological advances in the market place then translate current and future trends and advise management of benefits and well as risk.
  • Manage own development to increase own competencies.
  • Develop an In-depth knowledge of specified field as well as ability to translate this knowledge into business terms and Solutions.

Additional Requirements

  • Experience in some of following required technologies and methodologies/Fields will be required
  • Netezza Proc SQL, Abinitio, SAS, Python , Scala, Java.
  • Spark, AWS Aurora, AWS Redshift, AWS Glue, Data.
  • Robot MLOPS and Control-m.
  • Proven problem Solving Experience.
  • Highly Motivated.
  • Proven track record of working in high pressure environments and remaining composed and professional.


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