Selection Criteria

Sourcing and Interviewing Critera for Candidate Recruitment

Selection Criteria

Mindworx seeks candidates that are driven, determined, self-confident, adaptive to new environments, and see themselves working in the digital skills arena.

These are the credentials of an ideal candidate:


  • All races
  • All genders
  • Between 18 – 35 years
  • All disabilities – except visual impairment


Tertiary Qualifications:

  • Information and Technology (I.T.)
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Accounting
  • LLB
  • Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Investments
  • Engineering
  • Software Development


Other Considerations

  • Thorough knowledge and comprehension of qualification
  • Articulate
  • A high-fluid learning score on our psychometric tests
  • High levels of curiosity and a healthy appetite for learning
  • A good internet connection

Application Procedure

Once the details of a specific leadership have been established – i.e. which SETA accreditation, added-on electives, start date, and duration – sourcing of candidates will take place.

Our marketing department will publish ads of upcoming learnerships on our various social media platforms.

Graduates will then send their CVs and other relevant supporting documents to our recruitment experts who will begin the selection process.

Selection Process

Below is how Mindworx Academy selects its candidates when the application process is complete:

  • Resume/CV Screening
  • A shortlist of ideal candidates
  • Initial contact with candidates to discuss next steps
  • Online/In-Person Interviews
  • Interview evaluation and decision making
  • Offer and Acceptance Letter distribution to successful candidates
  • Background checks and screening (i.e. M.I.E. etc.)
  • Onboarding (i.e. laptop collection, learnership details, SETA conditions, LMS orientation, and candidate conduct, Q&A)


NB: The Application and Selection Processes will remain active until the full number of candidates is achieved – particularly in the event of candidate dropouts and/or flagged M.I.E. checks.

Learnership Process

The steps below highlight the process that goes into a learnership and how various departments (Programmes, IT, and Finance) are involved – from both beginning to end – in one of our Mindworx Academy training initiatives:

  • Ensure all softwares are installed, updated, and ready to use at start of training
  • Manage facilitation, assessments and moderation of programmes
  • Manage learners’ stipend (or handing this over to the client if funded or co-funded)
  • Mentoring and coaching monitoring
  • Project management – curriculum & learner progress
  • Monthly reports distribution to the client(s)
  • Ensure all Portfolios of Evidence (P.o.E.) are complete and submitted – to SETA standards
  • Ensure the successful completion of the training sought by the client

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Our Accreditations

APPETD: Mindworx Academy is a member of this representative body for private providers of education, training, and development in South Africa. They lead and guide us as members, informing, representing, protecting, developing, and lobbying in all business areas that affect us as private providers.

APSO: Mindworx Consulting holds a corporate membership that is designed for staffing firms or businesses to invest in their employees’ professional growth, gain industry recognition, and access resources that support their business operations.

BPESA: Mindworx is proud to be a member of this national trade body and industry association. The relationship between BPESA, the Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA), and Mindworx Academy fosters excellence in business process training and education. BPESA acts as an industry advocate and quality champion, while Mindworx Academy translates industry needs into practical training programs.

CompTIA: Mindworx Academy is an approved CompTIA Authorised Partner as a delivery partner for IT training skills.

Naspers Labs: Mindworx Academy is an implementation partner of Naspers Labs. The organisation aims to unlock our youth’s potential to open the closed doors between unemployed youths and their first employment opportunity.

The Collective X: The Collective X is a not-for-profit organisation that has cultivated an expansive and well-coordinated ecosystem, dedicated to fostering collaboration, concentrated efforts, and targeted solutions to amplify digital skills throughout South Africa. Mindworx Academy is registered and closely aligned with The Collective X’s mission and actively participates in this vital initiative.

The MICT Seta: The relationship between MICT Seta and Mindworx Academy extends beyond mere accreditation. It’s a collaborative effort to bridge the gap between industry needs and skilled professionals in South Africa’s dynamic ICT sector. MICT Seta acts as a guiding force and quality assurer, while Mindworx Academy translates its guidelines into practical, industry-relevant training programs.

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