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Mindworx operates at the highest level of C-suite placement across an extensive and impressive network of both public and private sector organisations throughout South Africa. This enables us to bring a personal touch to every placement, an essential element of taking responsibility for placing the most exclusive echelon of business minds in our economy. 

Executive search and placement is an all-encompassing end-to-end process. Because the roles we recruit for are so important, we form long-term relationships, cultivating a deep understanding of our clients’ business imperatives and the precise requirements they have for their prospective leaders, and an equal understanding of the capabilities and character of our candidates.

Our in-depth screening and matching process routinely has to pass rigorous examination during high-level panel interviews, ensuring that we are scrupulous in our approach and presentation. Extensive experience of high-level leadership placements in the public sector gives us the edge in private sector placements.

Our recruitment tools include a unique human capability mapping process, collaboration hubs, data insights, digital footprint analysis and tools to eliminate bias. This investment in the success of our candidates and clients has enabled us to achieve a 100% success rate, including in high-risk turn-around positions.

"Given my experience I've had with Mindworx, I will most certainly use them to source additional staff for us."

"Mindworx was my first choice and will be if I want to progress my career any further."

"Mindworx placed me here and I in turn approached them to help me find more people for my team."

"I learned a lot from Mindworx. I found them to be a caring company. I found them to be quite ethical. They held my hands, they guided me, they put me here and I'm grateful for that."

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