How to remain employable post retirement

With people now living up to 40 years longer than the official retirement age of 60, we all need to start thinking about retirement in a different way.

Not only is there a financial impact—especially as South Africans don’t always save properly for retirement—but what about the emotional need to keep working?

Our Chief Operations Officer, Martin Pienaar spoke to Newzroom Afrika’s Xoli Mngabi about navigating the evolving workplace and planning for a career beyond retirement.

He says companies and individuals need to think about different ways of contracting post-retirement but also that individuals need to think about what skills are needed to compete in the current and future world of work. The onus is on all of us to know how to use the technology that is necessary in our particular line of work to ensure we remain employable. In addition, with the workplace become more complex, we need to keep up to date on other skills too, like managing diverse teams, grit, resilience and creative thinking.

Martin’s advice: keep learning on an ongoing basis.


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